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Tank Top Shirt. Loves a weekend getaway. Keywords: unpredictable, versatile, smart, sociable, high-energy, curious, easily distracted, restless, dual. Find this Pin and more on Me things by B Lenny. Jupiter In Libra. Neptune In Scorpio. Venus In Gemini. Scorpio Moon. People Come And Go. Chiron In Aries. Will you wrestle with me often and always let me win not that I wouldn't take you out on my own. Please never, never ever make me wait for my walks or liver treats because instant gratification is my middle name. Show your love for me in obvious ways — why not have a tattoo of my name on your biceps in fact?

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The mo. Best Zodiac Sign.

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If you have a baby already, I will be so jealous because I want to be the child of the family. I need nurturing! I want someone who hates to leave home for any extended period of time. And don't try to fool me by packing at the last minute, because I'll sense if you're leaving days before. Don't abandon me or I could easily develop digestive…. Find this Pin and more on Pets, animals, nature by maliceetwoman. Having A Baby.

If he were human, he would be a nurse or a healer. A Virgo wants to be clean and healthy—and they want you to clean up your act, too. This Dog can inspire you to kick your bad habits and keep your house spic and span. This puppy won't need as much obedience school or dog training as most dogs: he's born with an innate ability to avoid the uncouth behaviors typically associated with sloppier stars. Jumping up on peop. Dog Training. The Libra Canine Tell me a thousand times a day that I'm pretty!

I need you to want me to go everywhere with you. We're a team: two peas in a pod, two bugs in a rug, two halves that make a whole. I want to do everything with you! Everything's better when we're together, don't you agree?! Oh, how I love someone chill, someone who can really go with the flow: just like me. I can't stand people who sweat the small stuff. What's worth getting so stressed out about anyway? Find this Pin and more on Libra by karen woodrum. I Love Someone. Peace On Earth. Do Everything. Where else in my life does this struggle show up?

Style Sophie Endrey.

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Beauty Flaws and All. Style The Edit No. Lifestyle Eclectic Alix Thomsen. Features Technicolor Memories: India Mahdavi. Ravie de cette rubrique horoscope! Paris is always a good idea….. Please, no horoscopes. Oh, this makes so much sense to me right now.

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March 16th, here we come. Good important questions…. Loved it!

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I always forget about them right after reading, though. AtelierDoreDoes How To Things I Learned. Lifestyle Sag Harbor Summer My preferred mode of relaxation during the summer is time spent at the beach — any other travel just feels out of place for the season. All archives. Previous post. Next post. Sagittarius Women. Sagittarian women are open and honest. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and boast a zest for life that is infectious. Sagittarius females are drawn to a spontaneous, adventurous flavour of romance that is rather unconventional in comparison to their zodiac counterparts.

Sags loathe judgemental partners. Her key turn offs are boredom, insincerity and pretence.

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Sagittarius is so fair and open minded that it refuses to tolerate such manipulation. Being cooped up with a boring partner will kill her sense of fun and cause her to flee in search of liberation. Sagittarius women need to get out and about.

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There is a wild, almost animalistic sense of the physical in Sagittarius women. Sagittarius women love to try new things; giving them tasty treats to sample in bed or buying them a new bath bomb to help them relax are great gifts.

Sagittarian females are particularly sensitive in their hips and thighs so upper thigh massage is a great way to get things started. Zesty tropical smells that promote energy such as lemon, orange and lime also get them in the zone. Click here to register with astroYogi and consult our astrologers on the best astrological remedies for you!