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Can there be such a huge difference in different Cap men??? I hope so. Sometimes he is very loving and caring and sometimes its nothing. What should i do if this happen again?? My husband of 6 yrs partner of 9 is a proud, narcasistic, down to earth bad boy! I would not have it any other way! Capricorn and leo at their best, and worst!

Always wild, full of unexpected glorious wild sex, and never a bore! My best friend in my whole life, also a capricorn of the same caliber as my husband! When we hang out, people run! Our crass and narcasistic nature a club of our own and forbid if my husband joins. We would take a tent a sleeping bag n moonshine along the appalachian trail, or a day at work! Always a crazy adventure! Picture perfect team! Life is for living not loathing and we all have a blast! Hello there!

Excuse me, an 8? The most depressing and frustrating relationship I had so far was with a Cap, and we have an 8? I mean, never cared how I was doing, unless he wanted sex. Case in point, me. I can contradict myself on many things. For one, I can be extremely private one minute and wear my heart on my sleeve.

If people just left me to tell them things on my own time, I would and then some. Not all Leo women love extravagance and lavish things, me being one of them. Not all Leo women are so shallow. And, really? Censoring myself? I love being outlandish and I make no apologies! We married and our life together was very volatile, both dominant characters I took his need to protect as a threat to my independence and it went downhill from there.

I ended up divorcing him after we both emotionally wounded each other deeply. This time we know each other better, the REAL person and are much more accepting. One bit of advice I will give a leo girl is that it will be YOU who needs to bend, a caps stubborness far out reaches ours.

But thankfully we are more forgiving. Dessite being totally annoying at times! Despite being totally annoying at times! Hi,im a leo girl with a relationship to a cap guy.. We broke up because he needed time and space coz we always fight even small things.. I wwant to be with him.. Not only that, but our rising signs are also fantastically compatible too! I must say, his sun sign most definitely does not do his entire persona justice.

His controversial sun and moon signs work wonders in his favor; he gives and takes the best and worst from each and weaves them into a beautiful personality. I see non of the usual nit-picky Capricorn cheapskate here, but rather a brilliant and hardworking man with eccentric ideas that more than often end in success.

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Although he is a conservative at heart, he never gives a second thought when it is required of him to spend for someone else. His communicative skills are just oozing with charm and articulacy. We are looking at a very intelligent and just as proud man here. Problems do arise when we get into our rare arguments though. Although the substance may be shallow, our stubborn tendencies often prove too much for either one to submit and retreat.

Still, we are very able to move past that with the help of my forgiving nature and his discipline. Overall, an audacious match. Stable and sincere, while flamboyant and oh-so-rewarding. I have an Aries little sister. This seems to be true. Mom told me stories of them when they were younger. So what? My parents love each other truly. Even if me my sis are born without my parents having a marriage certificate, dad never left us. I proved this when he had a stroke while in a business trip in China without us knowing.

He told us that when he regained his consciousness and memories he called us immediately. I love my daddy. Capricorn men have this fascination with women. Text him, chat him do everything to keep communication. I am a leo woman falling in love with a capricorn man. We actually grew up together and I had not seen him in almost 20 yrs. We have recently got reintroduced to each other and this has been the happiest I have been in years. He is very understanding and deals with my overly dramatic episodes. He just lavish me with attention and it is always about me.

He makes a point to make sure I feel cared for by him. I know there are several issues when dealing with the Leo woman. But, I am dating this wonderful Japanese lioness. She is my fantasy, my lover and sexual kitten. I on the other hand knew what Capricorns can screw up; I have learned from my past.

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We all have a lot to learn from each other as Men and Women. So, we need to think outside of this crazy Astrology stuff and look inside yourself, because problems arise from within ourselves really! Women have a lot more to lose than men and women are wired differently in the realms of thinking and emotions. We all need to clean up our own act so we can have better relationships. Work on what it takes to really attract a woman and you should be fine a suggestion for men. I hope this helps. Whoaaa vikky everything u just said is wat im going throught with my cap man.

Ima leo woman too.

Leo Sexual Compatibility: Selfish and Enthusiastic in Bed

In a nutshell. Im a Leo woman and I dated a capricorn male for a little over 3 months and intially, I could not stand him. We are sooooo different from eachother personality wise and he just drove me nuts!!! After spending more time with him, I stopped being so critical of our differences and I actually started falling for him.

We could laugh and chill and have a good time together but at times his snobbiness would kill the mood and we would be back at square one. Wen things were goin well between us, it was good. He was sweet, a complete gentlemen and very cool. He barely called or txted me, yet wen eva we would hang out, he was all over me and it definately sent me mixed messages so i often felt confused. With me being a Leo, I have a need for attention and he just didnt give me enough.

His distance made me feel unimportant and it gave me the impression that he was ice-cold…. I also could not stand how timid and reserved he was. The whole idea of public display of affection made him boil with anger and that bothered me. I wanted everyone to kno i was his girl and that he was my man, but he definately was not feelin that.

His moodiness, lack of attention for me, and reserved nature pushed me away and that was the final straw. I had never been in love so strongly before until I met this man and he felt the same towards me too. He kept this relationship with that female to himself and no other people but I found it out.

When we got back together, I confronted him, because I needed to know that he would not change his mind again and that I was quite insecure at that moment. He denied and the more I pushed, the more he felt stressed and he ran off again and that led to our second breakup.

Leo Soulmate Compatibility

When he came back to me this time, he admitted the relationship with that girl and he said it was a short but happy relationship. But for him, that girl was not only a listener, he could ask for advice, he could share problems or challenges with her, etc. We have been back together for 8 months now, only the last 3 months our relationship became more steady. The first five months it always felt like a rocky road — like one minute he was so loving and caring and the next minute his mind was in somewhere else bet he was thinking of her.

They are two alphas, each with a quest for power and status

I always thought Capricorns had a very high loyalty nature and I never believed he would fall for another female. I think deep down he still loves me and cares about me. I hope time heals and helps. I was quite shocked too because I almost thought he would love me and me only for the rest of his life. I always felt that we had something really strong. But after I knew about this girl, my mind kept questioning from time and time…. We are still together and I hope he has made up his mind. Yeah, we are still together.

He fell for another girl after he first broke up with me.


I had a really great time because he was hilarious and sexy as hell. His impatience is sort of what made me think he was an Aries. Its not every day that I meet someone as great as him. Anyways or relationship was always good but he was very quiet about his feelings we both loved each other so much but we fought over the ankle things and we broke up four times during our six years I know we are both young but I love him so much but he just recently told me he has a new gf a Virgo gf he jumped into this relationship so fast we were still together even tho we were off I just need help getting over him.

Also he will call me from time to time still wanting to hook up even tho he is with this new gf he even moved her into his family house we shared for years and he has only been with her a month. An unexplainable tension was there when I first introduced to my Cap six months ago. I was pretty nervous I could not even look at him straight in the eyes. After coincidentally bumping into each other every now and then, he asked me to dinner, I accepted and we hit it off from that point. We saw each other almost every day. He even organized a few simple, romantic outings and introduced me to his friends.

All was great, but then he started to shift. After left hanging around frustrated for three months, I confronted him. He apologized, saying that things went too fast and he got freaked out. He likes me but he just wants us to take time to get to know each other and let the relationship progress slowly. I really wish I had opened up to him sooner! Worst has to be Leo and Scorpio!

So many differences that it is impossible in the long term! And both are incredibly stubborn, so they lack patience to even work through it. I never date Leos now!

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Have learned my lesson! The best compatibility is between leo and aquarius Tapentadol online USA.

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I want u to help me to solve my financial problems. There are many challenges that lm facing but the most important is financially. Please, kindly let me know how to solve it. Aries -Selfish Taurus — money minded Gemini — talkative Cancer — home lovers Leo — Show off Virgo — logical Libra — diplomatic Scorpio- secretive Sagittarius- open minded Capricorn- success oriented Aquarius- eccentric Pisces — emotional.

Capricorns — annoying and they work too much but most of them just suck at their job. But they will always want to tell you how together their life is. Libra men are hippies, and libra women are self-righteous Virgo — Mess. Total and complete mess. Cancer — Emotional and all over the board Gemini — Childish. Leo — Charmer. This is all so accurate. I Myself am a cancer and this is dead on with me loving my home life and being home body pretty much. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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