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On August 29th Mercury will move into Virgo, where you can easily promote what you do, and on August 30th there is a beautifully powerful New Moon in Virgo that can help you to really feel the urge to move productively forward in your life! You can do it Leo and begin to smile all the way to the bank! New Job opportunities and promotions are highlighted for you! You have learned that when you truly believe in yourself and all that you do then prosperity can be yours in every area of your life!

Pisces Weekly Astrology Horoscope 16th September 2019

The more good service you give to others, and the more charitable you can be…the more you treat others as you wish to be treated…the happier others around you will become and the more of that attention, appreciation, respect and financial abundance you will receive! You may not desire to work so hard within your career, but the more you do the healthier and wealthier you will become! The current Taurus energies are helping you to put your best foot forward — to get up, dress up and show up to work — with a smile on your face and the energy and effort to do your best work!

If you do already love what you do for your career then you are on the right path indeed! The more you allow yourself to SHINE your vibrant positive energy forward the more successful you can become! Also on May 15th the energy of Mars will move into the sign of Cancer, which is the sign just before yours. When Mars is in the sign of Cancer this is always a time of year when you feel a bit less energetic. You can choose to work smarter and not harder. Allow yourself time to rest when you need to.

Make yourself a priority list of what needs to be done and then put other tasks to be accomplished on the back-burner for a little while. Mars will move into your sign on July 1st when at that time, and over the course of the following few weeks and especially once the Sun moves into your sign on July 22nd, you will feel your abundant energy return.

For some Leos you may feel a sense of fear, lack or loss over what you desire your home and family to be but you feel some distress instead. For other Leos there will be a sense of celebration and gratitude for what you have accomplished regarding your home and with your family members that you love so much. However you feel those feelings will last for a couple of days then this phase of time will pass. If you are one of the celebrating type of Leos you are on the right path indeed towards attracting and creating even more joyful opportunities into your home life in the near future.

Your new focus now will be on your most important hopes, dreams, wishes and goals and on enhancing your social life! The groups you belong to and enjoy can be very helpful towards assisting you to bring your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals into your reality! You will can also choose to be very helpful and supportive towards these people too in ways that can help them turn their lives around for the better. Where the SUN goes, into each of the 12 signs each year, brings the personality of that sign to your doorstep. What does this all mean for you? Were you feeling ill or were you feeling positively motivated?

Many Leos just felt more fatigued, but desired to have more positive energy! Just the desire to have more healthy positive energy is a step in the right direction! You actually have all month long to make those positive healthy adjustments to both your daily duties work obligations and your personal health requirements.

Keep up the good works! Do you desire to be a bit bigger and a bit brighter and more beautiful too?

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Of course you do! Day by day, step by step, give yourself credit for each improvement that you make. Your truest wealth is within your health Leo. Love your body for all that it does for you each day. Your body houses your soul like a temple. I love you! Keep up the good work! The healthier you feel the more positive you will become.

Those old moody blues can go by the wayside…and the more productive you can become! Also you will notice that your focus begins to shift towards your closest relationships and wanting to be happier and healthier for the people in your life. And then once your attitudes and energies begin to improve, and they will slowly day by day, then you can accomplish anything that is most important for you and for those who love you. Now that the SUN is in your fellow sign of Sagittarius you should be feeling more joyful and playful.

The more serious side of your personality takes a backseat while you allow your more friendly side to shine through! At first it may not feel this way, some Leos may be focusing more on what they are lacking then appreciating what they have, but by the time the New Moon in Sagittarius arrives Friday December 7th at AM you should begin to feel a lot more hopeful! There is a current focus on home and family matters that may be a bit challenging, but with a new and improved attitude you can turn the most complicated of situations around in your favor.

Try to remain patient instead of feeling fearful. With Mercury back in direct motion on December 6th and then moving into your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius on December 12th you should begin to see and hear some good improvements. If you expect too much or rush too fast into anything you may feel overwhelmed; as well as making the people around you feel overwhelmed too.

Take it slow but try to be focused and steady. Pay attention to your health because your body will help you to know if you are on the right path or not. This will be especially true once the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn starting on December 21st through January 20th. When you are willing to put in the right amount of time into your daily duties then you will see progress.

Also self nurturing care is important for all positive health improvements during this time. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually you should begin to feel that you want to make the correct changes so that you can be the best that you can be! But luckily for you, just in time for Christmas, the Moon moves into your sign!

The Moon in Leo can help you to feel more optimistic over the next few days. As you move your life forward towards the New Year you will be happier and more forward focused then you have been in years! You are ready to leave behind and start a New Year filled with positive opportunities! How you choose to communicate with the people around you will determine how well your relationships flow…or not.

Is your heart and mind focused primarily on their well being, or is your heart and mind more focused on how you are feeling? When you are in a healthy alignment within yourself then your relationships will bloom! You will naturally know how to take good care of others because you are taking good care of yourself each day.

When you are feeling under the weather then others better watch out! You may naturally, but not consciously, take out your aches and pains on the ones you love. If you allow your expectations to get in the way you may end up feeling more angry and frustrated. Take it easy Leo. Realize that you are a powerfully wise soul who can help others to feel good about themselves and then in return they will desire to also help you. BE the type of person that you desire others to become. You can do this when you realize that your own attitudes, thoughts, feelings and vibrations set the tone for others to choose to be close to you or not.

Starting on Tuesday, October 23rd, at AM EDT the Sun will move into the sign of Scorpio which will bring your main focus towards your home and family members for the next 4 weeks. When you are happy then they can be too. For more information read my special AstroNews Report. Over this season you have learned how to bring more balance into your attitudes and with your emotions.

Now comes a time where you are going to bring a better balance into your finances as well.

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You have a strong commitment and dedication towards what is most important to you now. The Sun, your personal power planet, shifts signs on Saturday, September 22nd. Out of Virgo and into Libra the Sun will go, bringing in a brand new season and a brand new focus for you. You may find yourself quite busy, running errands, talking with friends, and even learning something new so that your mind can continue to expand in ways that you will enjoy.

Pisces, by now you have understood that this is the time for you to involve yourself, to become more daring and enterprising. You will therefore be full of energy and willing to put everything on the line. Your dedication will be admirable in Pisces. Curious about what has in store for the other zodiac signs? Horoscope all zodiac signs. Pisces weekly horosope reveals all. Vinu George. As I am a piscean, and planning to resign from my current job for my future sake. Is it a good move? What is my future kept for me? Big trip in December, taking lots of photos.

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