December 17 cancer horoscope

Uranus tears apart this planetary row and brings a lot of stress and tension into their minds. To keep it tame and use its best possible shiny qualities of ideas and surprises of life, they are to care for their body and nurture their physiology so it can bear the burden of such an intense mind on their shoulders.

The second row points out the importance of individuality and authenticity in their lives. They could lose themselves, their stability and the core of personality in the middle of large social circle or among close friends who have a lot to say. It is important that they stick to their own invisible beliefs, so they can truly be free to express themselves just as they are.

Cancer weekly tarot December 17 to 26

The power of will needs to stay centered and stable even among those who are louder and more aggressive in their ways than they choose to be. Symbols for these individuals speak of growth and talents that have been nurtured from a young age.

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It is the course of action and the foundation that needs to be built that defines outcomes in their life, and the forceful energy of Uranus will only be productively used if they set up a basis for all the things they wish to build. Grand moves will take a lot of primal energy and no matter their incompetence or lack of experience, time gives them the stamina and strength needed to succeed. The Moon governs those born on the 17th of December, giving them emotional clarity over time and a task to cleanse their heart of residues so they can tenderly approach their own needs.

Instead of their usual pushy approach, a lot of love, intimacy and dedication to emotion is needed in order for them to reach the point of personal satisfaction. They are to open their heart, not get tied to any feeling along the way, free to express it in all purity, inviting joyous circumstances into their life. The world has a lot to offer to someone born on December 17th, but the stress of being themselves and circling around their own mind might make their close relationships a bit difficult, especially at a young age.

Loss of stability is to be expected, followed by too many opposing opinions and attitudes between them and the person they are attracted to. They need to be with a good friend, someone who will allow emotions to flow being on a safe and logical personal distance that gives both of them enough freedom to move.

Horoscope today: December 17, 2018

Divorces and tough breakups could happen in their life, teaching them about opposing qualities they carry within, and it is important that they do not entirely dismiss emotions from the past, but acknowledge and respect them in clear continuity. It is recommended to maintain a good relationship with co-workers during March and April. The first half of the year will come with unexpected spending.

This could lead to a small financial crisis, but things will get better in time. It is possible for you to inherit a substantial amount of money or a house. This half of the year will bring personal spending.

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 17

Fortunately, the second half of the year is completely free of financial problems. They need to avoid purchasing things of great value and try to save money. Although they will enter the new year with joy and satisfaction emotionally, suspicion and inner unease seem to threaten their good mood. The life partner will be understanding, willing to communicate, therefore the they need to leave their fears aside and confess their feelings.

By the middle of March, they will cross a more delicate period, which will improve towards the end of spring. Venus can also bring uncertainty in the life of the single natives that went through disappointments in the past.

Money & Career

Yet, there are unexpected chances of exciting meetings and romantic moments during the summer, which can make the romantic life more pleasant. If you already have someone in your life, the first months of the year will offer you one of the most beautiful times of the year. And if you are single, you will fall in love with someone and live somewhere on some pink clouds, away from the earth. For the rest of the year, you are going to oscillate between moments of fulfilment and dissatisfaction. No matter if they have a reason for that or not.

Some natives might even get involved in extramarital affairs. The single ones spend their time collecting as many new conquests as they can.

In conclusion, brings an interesting year for you, full of romance, emotions, and love. Self-confidence increases sensitively and love relationships are pretty good, but not on long-term. While Sagittarius season was all about opening your mind to new perspectives, embarking on spontaneous adventures, and seeing the bigger picture of life, Capricorn inspires something totally different within you.

TAURUS: Reversed Prince of Swords

This cardinal earth sign is focused on tradition, learning from the past, and coming out on top. This is one of the most ambitious and triumphant signs in all the zodiac. Think about it: Why do you think New Years resolutions are of such major concern with the sun is in Capricorn? It's because you're eager to let go of your bad habits and set your sights for success. With this zodiac sign in power, you have the power to accomplish anything. Right after the sun enters Capricorn, a full moon in Cancer will cast its beautiful glow across your entire universe.

Rising on Dec.

Cancer Horoscope - Exciting predictions revealed !

For one thing, the moon is your ruling planet, and when it embraces your zodiac sign, the moon is at peace. Prepare to receive exciting revelations about the path you're on and for these revelations to translate into brilliant thoughts, feelings, and ideas. This full moon is also forming a sensitive and compassionate trine with Neptune, flushing you with emotional understanding and a dreamy sense of self.