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They are relaxed and ready to accept whatever comes their way.

When they are unstressed and are in a relaxed atmosphere, they shine. They are approachable, subtly-confident, unoffensive and smooth in their presentation. When working well, the balance of the most feminine sign of Pisces with the masculine sun, can be an attractive combination. It creates a dichotomy that comes across to others as intriguing.

However, when stressed, the Pisces sun-sign person can become, well, a mess! The can slip into back-and-forth balance issues that create "Jekyll and Hyde" scenarios in which they go from submissive to over-the-top angry. Or, they can become seemingly delusional, acting like the stress doesn't exist at all. Either way, their Pisces nature isn't comfortable with the sun's need to push forward and be powerful. The Pisces moon doesn't wear their sign in their personality like the Pisces sun.

So, their nature is less obvious than in the Pisces sun, but it's deeper and more powerful. A person who accepts their Pisces moon and flows with the depth of its emotion, is the soft person.

Sun in Pisces

Whereas, the person who fights against it is neurotic and scattered. Those who fight against it normally do so because of other people in their lives making them feel like their emotion is unacceptable or because of a conflicting sun sign like Aries or Aquarius that makes them believe they should always be strong and unemotional. Pisces moon-sign people can be the most compassionate, easy-going, empathetic people in the world when they are comfortable with the depth of emotion they experience. In contrast, Pisces sun-sign people do not feel the same depth of emotion because Pisces sun-sign's emotionality is a personality feature not their true, inner nature.

The Pisces moon is completely feminine.

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It has no masculine sun to balance its femininity like the sun in Pisces. This relieves internal stress, but it has its own issues. It only seeks comfort and security. It is naturally receptive and submissive. So, it seeks solace and comfort in receiving feelings and absorbing surroundings. It seeks constant retreat and pleasure.

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All of this sounds harmless, which it is, but if the Pisces moon person isn't at peace with it or is constantly under pressure from people who criticize their emotional nature or have no patience with their need to retreat and constantly deal with feelings, it can be hard to climb out of when the world requires it. What's more, this extreme receptivity creates a fragile and sensitive nature that is easily hurt and has very little recourse other than sinking further into a self-perpetuating abyss of powerful emotion.

For a Pisces moon, there is no masculine force to pull one's self up and out of this pit. Most often, Pisces moon people deal with it by spending a great deal of time alone, often sleeping or closed up in the dark, trying to sort through their feelings. But maintaining them takes a lot of energy—which might be put to better use elsewhere. This full moon can reveal which old forms are ready to be broken down so that energy can be released and repurposed. We may feel torn between taking an active, hands-on, problem-solving approach Mars and adopting a more passive attitude of acceptance Neptune.

Sun in Sign

Either way, Jupiter gives us reason to believe everything will work out for the best—as long as we approach the situation with an open heart and an open mind. What do the stars have in store for you this month? Your birth chart is the key to understanding your astrological nature. Be like water, Pisces : Your fluid sense of self serves you well in relationships with others whose standards may be more specific.

Just be careful not to diminish yourself by accepting their criteria as the measure of your own self-worth. Let it go, Aries!

Moon in Pisces - Stars Like You

It may feel as if your efforts alone are keeping things moving forward. Just try it and see if anyone even notices.

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Unity in diversity: Taurus , we humans are an eclectic bunch. But finding one whose interests overlap with yours? Our rational part tries to explain everything, but the mystical Moon cannot be that easily comprehended.

Pisces Moon Sign

However, you should listen to it. The Moon is like a guiding voice. It is your intuition and your emotion. The Moon guides you from deep within, trying to direct you towards your true desires, trying to make you realize what is it that you really need. The Moon is about our emotional development and growth. The Moon sign is a channel to your emotions.

It defines the way you react to the world. Since it is a planet of mutable, changeable nature and unsteadiness, the Moon gives us needed flexibility, making us capable to adapt to various situations that come along our life path. The Moon sign also marks an area of life that could make us emotionally complete, but also the one that challenges us emotionally, that tests our emotional capacity and response.

The Moon in Cancer is in its natural position, since it normally rules over this sign. Cancer is one of emotional signs, being a water element one. The Moon in Cancer emphasizes great sensitivity of this sign, making Moon Cancers extremely emotionally fragile. They are often referred to as hypersensitive.

Moon Cancers are of servile nature and they want to please everyone. They feel good pleasing others, but they feel very uncomfortable if others try to please them. They are full of emotions, but often very reserved. Cancers are careful around other people, in terms of sharing their feelings. They often find it extremely difficult verbally to express their words.

These people are often closed to the outer world and not very sociable. They find great fulfillment and satisfaction in it and they are very sensitive about it. Moon Cancers are people who do not commit easily, but once they do, it would be for life. They tend creating strong, emotionally deep and stable relationships. Here we have an ocean of emotions. Pisces Sun Cancer Moon indicates a personality that simply cannot divide anything in life from an emotional impression.

They breathe emotions. Both Pisces and Cancer are Water element signs, known for their incredibly deep emotional capacity.

Both are dreamy and escapist, prone to fantasizing and romance. We could easily say they are overloaded by emotions; it is not an easy thing to deal with. It is both a precious gift and a burden. On the other hand, they take things too close to their heart. Pisces Sun Cancer Moon are helpless to resist taking everything too emotionally and too personally. On the other hand, they could equally feel others joy and be truly happy for others, tasting their successes as their own.