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Boxing Day by Robert Wilkinson Boxing day isn't observed in the US, but it's one of the better "holy days" of the year, when boxes with donations for the poor are opened and distributed. New Moon in Capricorn Pt. Happy Christmas To you, from me - Happy Christmas.

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War is over if we really want it. Striving is everything. The payoff is the Kingdom of Heaven.

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We will outlast and outlive these times, and the new Era is upon us. My blessings to all upon this Kristos Mass. All the freeways in Southern and Central NM are closed. With the temperatures to come, we'll still have plenty of snow left on December First time in my life I get a White Christmas.

Happy Everything, Everybody! December 21, Permalink Comments 14 Tags: astrology solstice chart, Jupiter stationary direct, solstice rituals, Winter solstice. Remember by Robert Wilkinson For those of you who haven't read it, this is a meditational piece I wrote a long time ago for all Eternals living in this field of Maya. The anniversary of the birth of Christ was placed close to the old pagan Winter Solstice Sabbat that honoured the rebirth of the Sun God from the darkness of winter.

It is important to find a way to honour the Spirit of Place here in the Southern Hemisphere by acknowledging the energy of summer. To honour the Spirit of Place you can have a special Solstice meal that includes seasonal produce — summer foods rather than heavy winter dishes we associate with Christmas. I light gold and silver candles to honour the Sun and the Moon.

I then offer them my thanks for the abundance that Mother Earth and Father Sun have given me throughout the year and ask for their blessing for the harvest yet to come. If you would like something more reflective, even as part of your Christmas meal, you can invite everyone to share their hopes for the coming autumn harvest and light a candle in a colour that symbolizes the harvest.

You could use one group candle or each person could have their own candle in a colour that is personally symbolic of the harvest they desire. As the candle[s] burns, see your desires manifesting and reflect on what may need to be done to ensure an abundant harvest. For those of you who would prefer a more private ritual here is another offering.

Ground and centre yourself then call to your guides and angels for their guidance and protection. Light a gold candle to honour the Summer Sun then close your eyes.

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Imagine that you are travelling in the lunar crescent with the Goddess. She invites you to reflect on what you are seeking to manifest in your life and what you need to achieve this. Allow yourself to receive whatever you need with her blessings and visualize your desires manifesting in the weeks and months ahead. The peak of this cycle was December 21 This event takes place every 26, years [approximately] and it is a 36 year process.

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The end of the Mayan Long Count seems to be dated to coincide with this event, suggesting that the ancient Mayans had a very advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics. To the Mayans this area of the sky [the dark band near the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way] marked the original point of creation and was said to be the pathway to the Gods who dwelled in there [in an underworld setting], in a place they called Xibalba. F or more information click here to refer to the full article, originally published in the December Newsletter but re-published at the end of the Newsletter.

What Can I Do? This Solstice [and every Solstice until] is a potent time to open yourself to this energy through meditation or other reflective practices. There are two tasks on two levels of consciousness that are suggested by the imagery.

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